About the Caribbean

Pan-Caribbean refers to the Caribbean island countries and surrounding continental countries. The Caribbean Sea is the sea with the largest number of coastal countries, with as many as 20 coastal countries. The Caribbean region covers an area of more than 5 million square kilometers and has a population of more than 200 million.

Trinidad and Tobago has a land area of 5,128 square kilometers and a population of about 1.4 million. The Secretariat of the Caribbean Union ACS headquarters is located in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

One Belt One Road

As the regional center of the Caribbean region, Trinidad and Tobago maintains close economic and trade exchanges with China. Companies such as Huawei, PetroChina, China Railway Construction, China Power Construction, China Harbour and Beijing Construction Engineering have settled in Trinidad and Tobago. On May 14, 2018, China and Trinidad and Tobago signed an inter-governmental cooperation document on the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". This is the first inter-governmental cooperation document on the Belt and Road Initiative signed between China and a Caribbean country.

As the Belt and Road cooperation deepens, Trinidad and Tobago will play a more important role in the Caribbean region. FCMC, which has a Chinese background, relies on its unique resources to expand non-governmental business exchanges with other countries in the Caribbean region in the economic and trade exchanges of the Belt and Road.

Development Path

Entering the Caribbean

Engaged in business activities in Dominica since 1998

Founded ESTYLE

In 2003, ESTYLE Cross-border Merchandise Wholesale Company was established in Trinidad

Establish FCMA

In 2011, FCMA was established and began to engage in office furniture and shopping mall props business

Construction Engineering Supporting Projects

In 2003, ESTYLE Cross-border Merchandise Wholesale Company was established in Trinidad


The company changed its name to FCMC's first commercial space integration project


Physical business center business China Brand Commodities Expo Center


Opening of the first SHOWROOM showroom in the rest of the Caribbean








Development Path

In June 2013, President Xi Jinping visited Trinidad and Tobago, and bilateral relations entered a stage of comprehensive improvement.

A cordial photo with Prime Minister Ms. Kamla Persad

Welcome President Xi Jinping at the Prime Minister's Office

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